7 Day Back Care Challenge
Ease your back pain in 7 days with Pilates
  • 100% online, access your classes 24/7
  • Personalised coaching from Pilates expert Sarah Vrancken
  • ​Pilates works for 90% of back pain sufferers
For just £5 you could start easing your back pain today!
Pilates is perfect for a wide range of back issues
A recent study published in medical journal The Lancet concluded that painkillers, scans and other quick fixes simply don't work to relieve back pain

Instead, the researchers suggested Pilates to be far more effective to treat a range of back issues such as:
  •  Lower back pain (Lumbar)
  •  Sciatica
  •  Nerve related back issues
  •  Mobility issues due to fused discs
  •  Slipped disc recovery (after initial healing phase)
  •  Upper back tightness  (radiating into shoulders & neck)
If you want to discuss if your back condition can be treated with Pilates, please get in touch: sarah@kalmpilates.com
What's included in the 7 Day Back Care Challenge?
For just £5 you will get...
3 x Back Care Classes
Access the exclusive Kalm Pilates website for 3 online video classes (we recommend doing a workout every other day).
Kalm Pilates Community
Via a closed Facebook group you will gain access to articles, videos and can share your progress during the challenge.
Personal Coaching
We want to find out more about your back issues. We aim to provide tailored advice and we will support you during the challenge.
Full Course Reduction
We are so confident that you'll enjoy the challenge that you can take on the full 12 week programme for just £75 (instead of £99 web price)
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start fixing your back problems today!
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start fixing your back problems today!
Meet your Pilates coach, Sarah
As a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor, based in London, I've been helping people with their back issues for over 8 years (teaching more than 850+ hours!).

There is nothing more satisfying than helping people to become pain-free and providing them with the tools to create a body that is - and stays - in balance.

Pilates is amazing because it gets results, safely. My teaching style is focused on technique, strength and flexibility - and that's the magical combo that delivers results.

I love teaching (it's my calling!) and I'm so keen to show you how Pilates can truly change your health, your body and even your life. 

Of course, nothing happens without effort; but if you put in the work, so will I - and together, we will get the results you deserve.
Start easing your back pain today 
If you are tired of struggling with back pain and are looking for a long term solution then give the 7 day back challenge a try. It's a great starting point! For just £5 you will receive exclusive classes, personal coaching and support to help you become free from aches and pains.
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start fixing your back problems today!
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start fixing your back problems today!
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