7 Day Core Strength Challenge
7 Day Core Strength Challenge
Discover how Pilates can give you Abs of Steel!
  • 100% online, access your classes 24/7
  • Personalised coaching from Pilates expert Sarah Vrancken
  • ​Build core strength and improve overall flexibility
  • ​Master the Pilates technique in just 7 days 
Start today for just £5!
Start today for just £5!
Are you ready to discover what a week of Pilates can do to your abs & core?

With Pilates can you build AMAZING ab strength, no matter what age you are.

It also helps to improve your overall flexibility – it’s the best anti-ageing workout out there.  
Pilates totally transformed my own body and I'm not the only one raving about its effects - physios, athletes, celebrities... they all love the effects of Pilates, simply because it works.  
Join my 7 day Core Strength Challenge - suitable for complete beginners - and I will show you that Pilates is something you can master too.  

If you are unsure if you can start Pilates, feel free to email me for advice: sarah@kalmpilates.com
What's included in the 7 Day Core Strength Challenge?
For just £5 you will get...
3 x Core Strength Classes
Access the exclusive Kalm Pilates website for 3 online video classes (we recommend doing a workout every other day).
Kalm Pilates Community
Via a closed Facebook group you will gain access to articles, videos and can share your progress during the challenge.
Personal Coaching
We want to find out more about your fitness goals. We aim to provide tailored advice and we will support you during the challenge.
Full Course Reduction
We are so confident that you'll enjoy the challenge that you can take on the full 12 week programme for just £75 (instead of £99 web price)
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start today!
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start today!
 "I can’t tell you how much your online Core Strength Pilates classes have helped me. I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere. So a huge thank you from me and I will continue with Pilates, it really is a wonderful way to take care of your body." 
Nicole, UK
"Let me tell you, doing the Kalm Pilates classes is very addictive! Now that I’ve completed Get to the Core Programme, I can definitely see tangible results. I’ve lost 6kg and have toned up all over my body." 
Anna P, Canada
"Your classes have encouraged me to activate my core in my job as a midwife and in everyday life.  
I was a little sceptical about how an online programme would work but actually it makes it so much easier to fit around family and work life - I just roll out my mat! Thank you!" 

Anne S, UK
Meet your Pilates coach, Sarah
As a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor, based in London, I've been helping people discover the power of Pilates for over 8 years (teaching more than 850+ hours!).

There is nothing more satisfying than helping people to become strong, flexible and free from aches and pains, and providing them with the tools to create a body that is - and stays - in balance.

Pilates is amazing because it gets results, safely. My teaching style is focused on technique, strength and flexibility - and that's the magical combo that delivers results.

I love teaching (it's my calling!) and I'm so keen to show you how Pilates can truly change your health, your body and even your life. 

Of course, nothing happens without effort; but if you put in the work, so will I - and together, we will get the results you deserve.
Are you ready to become stronger, more flexible and get abs of steel with the Power of Pilates?
Give the 7 day Core Strength Challenge a try. It's a great starting point! For just £5 you will receive exclusive classes, personal coaching and support to help you reach your fitness goals.
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start today!
No obligation, no fuss, just £5 to start today!
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